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New York Metro InfraGard’s sponsorship program provides targeted exposure, value-added benefits, and the opportunity be actively engaged in protecting your organization, industry and community. InfraGard sponsors have access to first-class training, education and peer networking on the terrorism and law enforcement issues affecting the region and the nation at large. InfraGard also offers our sponsors a highly coveted demographic of private businesses and public agencies that represent the 16 DHS critical infrastructure sectors and region-specific sectors.

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The New York Metro InfraGard Members Alliance is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. All donations can be used as a charitable tax deduction to the extent allowed by law.

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For questions regarding sponsorship, please contact the NY Metro InfraGard at

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InfraGard sponsorships are valid for one year and renewable on an annual basis. Sponsorships and sponsoring corporations must be compatible and consistent with the mission and focus of InfraGard. Sponsors are responsible for providing the deliverables associated with their benefits in a timely manner. InfraGard reserves the right to exercise policy control over marketing and communications and is not obligated to support products, services or activities of sponsoring corporations that are deemed to not to be in the interest of our members. The InfraGard name and service mark and logo are governed by strict licensing agreements and may not be used by sponsors as a representation, endorsement or other affiliation unless pre-approved by the board of directors. InfraGard reserves the right to adjust sponsorship benefits as necessary.