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The InfraGard Program began in 1996 as a collaborative effort between private sector cyber professionals and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) field office in Cleveland, Ohio. The FBI later expanded the program to every field office in the country.

InfraGard provides its members with unmatched opportunities to promote the physical and cyber security of their organizations through access to a trusted, national network of SME from the public and private sectors, and it provides government stakeholders, across the local, state, and federal levels, with unmatched access to the expertise and experience of critical infrastructure owners and operators.

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NY Metro InfraGard Members Alliance

The New York City Metro InfraGard Members Alliance (NYM-IMA) is a local program of the INMA.

The New York Metro InfraGard Chapter holds regular meetings and provides members with a forum for information sharing within a secure environment, while focusing on protecting the critical infrastructure of New York City and surrounding areas.

Member's alliance are part of a national network of FBI-vetted volunteers who are critical infrastructure SME in one or more sectors. It provides a trusted forum for the real-time exchange of information, training and expertise related to the protection of critical infrastructure and key resources from both physical and cyber threats.

The New York City Metro alliance is over 900 members strong, is governed by a Board of Directors, and managed by the Board Officers. Since incorporation, NYM-IMA has been providing outstanding leadership, management, information technology, and related security training through its network of SME, whom for the most part are secure members of the FBI's National InfraGard Program.

Our history would not be complete if we did not mention our partners at the FBI. At every turn the FBI has supported and gone out of their way to assist our chapter as we have grown. From providing a Special Agent Coordinator who assists in managing the program, providing training opportunities, expert speakers, venues, and overall collaboration, the FBI is committed and stands with the INMA and the NYM-IMA.

We thank each of you for your expertise, encouragement, exercise of vision and for consideration in joining our alliance. We exist for and because of our members. As we turn some new pages we know we can count on you for continued support, feedback, and to instill upon all of us a sense of purpose, a sense of commitment, and a steadfast loyalty to the protection of our nation's critical infrastructure.

3/28/2017: Remembering David Chen

It is with our sorrow and deepest regrets that we inform you of the passing of Dave Chen, a member of the Board of Directors of the New York Metro InfraGard Members Alliance.

Dave was a member of InfraGard since 2003, a Director for over a dozen years, a trusted colleague, and a valued friend. He was a tireless worker for our Alliance, always willing to step up to the plate where needed, helping to organize many events, regularly contributing to our Thursday conference calls, and most recently serving on the Nominating Committee.

We will miss Dave dearly, with his always professional attitude and positive outlook.

NY Metro InfraGard Management Team

Executive OfficersMember SincePosition
Tom Mustac2003President
Dave Solano2004Vice President
Don Skorka?Secretary
Jorge Checo?Treasurer
Julie Jackson?Financial Secretary
Lance Rea2007Membership Coordinator

Board of DirectorsMember SinceSector
Edward Andron?Commercial Facilities Sector
Vlad Brodsky?-
Jorge Checo?Commercial Facilities Sector
Paul Ferrillo?-
Mark Francis?-
Philip M. Froehlich2003Information Technology Sector
Dora Gomez?-
Brendan Healy?Banking & Finance Sector
Julie Jackson?Banking & Financial Sector
Gustave Lipman?-
Kevin McGuirk2011Banking & Finance Sector
William H. Murray2003Information Technology Sector
Jason Palmer?-
James Quinn?Banking & Finance Sector
Lance Rea2007Information Technology Sector
Jennifer Rothstein?Banking & Finance Sector
Patrick Slattery?-
David Solano2004Information Technology Sector
Don Skorka?Commercial Facilities Sector
Rich Warner2007Banking & Finance Sector