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InfraGard® is a proactive collaboration between the FBI and the private sector to protect our nation's Critical Infrastructure.

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Reporting Guidelines

A cyber incident is an event that could jeopardize the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of digital information or information systems. Cyber incidents resulting in significant damage are of particular concern to the Federal Government. Accordingly, victims are encouraged to report all cyber incidents that may:
  • result in a significant loss of data, system availability, or control of systems
  • impact a large number of victims
  • indicate unauthorized access to, or malicious software present on, critical information technology systems
  • affect critical infrastructure or core government functions
  • impact national security, economic security, or public health and safety.
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InfraGard 25th Anniversary Challenge Coin

InfraGard 25th Anniversary Challenge Coins can be purchased in person at any of our NY Metro InfraGard summits. Cost is $15 per coin.


Government, business, and individual participation in the FBI's InfraGard Program continually unifies efforts to protect and enhance our nation's critical infrastructure. Members of these communities are encouraged to share their industry's workflow, lessons learned, and best practices through social and business-related events.

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InfraGard offers valuable learning opportunities throughout the City of New York as well as online. NY Metro InfraGard Alliance has hosted hundreds of on-location events in places such as the NY FBI Field Office, Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Morgan Stanley, Cisco Systems Inc., utility companies, universities, and many others.

Protect Our Infrastructure

Individuals protect our country! One person can make a difference. Since our nation is comprised of systems (people, businesses, buildings, highways, farms, communications, etc.), it is important to sustain and continually improve system operations. One way to ensure these systems continue to benefit the people, is to protect them from natural disaster, human error or terror; and set up recovery actions in the event misfortune cannot be avoided. The protection of our nation is a collaborative effort in which all citizens hold some level responsibility. Your contribution(s) are absolutely invaluable.

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