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"ICCS 2018" January 8-11, 2018

Join us at the seventh International Conference on Cyber Security (ICCS 2018) for a firsthand opportunity to gain new knowledge and share key intelligence and valuable experiences. In January 2018 the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Fordham University will welcome some of the world's most influential cyber experts to New York City -- the information capital of the world--to explore emerging cyber threat analysis, operations and enforcement.

In response to heightened demand from cyber security professionals, ICCS 2018 is once again featuring two pre-conference events: the Law Enforcement Workshop (LEW) and the Cyber Security Tutorial (CST). With both technical and non-technical sessions available, these events offer invaluable knowledge for cyber security professionals and law enforcement personnel.

The ICCS 2018 registration fee is $895.00 per person. The LEW and CST workshops cost an additional $75.00 each. Select New York City hotel rates are available. Registrations are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. The conference will sell out, so register early!

Check out for additional conference details and updated information.

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"NYS DFS part 500 Shakedown" Event

Many thanks to the expert panel discussing the recently enacted "NYS DFS Part 500 CyberSecurity Regulation" on Monday June 26th. We'd also like to thank Cisco for donating the venue, Nuix for donating the breakfast, as well as the individual donors. Your support is greatly appreciated.


2017-May-19: Formation of the NY Metro InfraGard Incident Management SIG

The May 18th vehicular incident in Times Square reminds us that information sharing and community response are responsibilities core to InfraGard's mission and values.

Effective immediately, the NY Metro chapter has created an "Incident Management SIG" for our members.

The mission of the NY Metro Incident Management SIG is to support InfraGard's mission to protect critical infrastructure and preserve life in the event of an incident using well-defined procedure to provide resources to our communities. This shall be encompassed with three primary responsibilities:

  1. Create and maintain a series of processes and/or procedures -- akin to an SOG/SOP -- to execute with the bureau, local law enforcement, emergency services and our membership in the event of any serious incident, whether man-made or natural, whether malicious or accidental, whether it affects everyone or just a few in a significant manner. Such SOGs/SOPS should include criteria for triggering the procedure, guidelines and stages of escalation as well as criteria for returning to normalcy.

  2. Create and maintain a resource catalog - akin to an ITIL service catalog - of contacts (bureau, local law enforcement, emergency services and our membership) documenting both skills and services that can be provided in the event of an incident.

  3. Regularly communicate with the bureau, local law enforcement, emergency services and our membership either through conference calls or seminars to disseminate and remind our membership of the SIGs capabilities to support InfraGard's mission to protect critical infrastructure and preserve life in the event of an incident.
Note: You *MUST* be an InfraGard member in good standing or an invited resource. All members and particpants may be subject to additional vetting.

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Issues Accessing InfraGard.Org?

We all forget to renew our passwords now and then, so if you are having trouble accessing the InfraGard.Org secure member web portal, please contact <>.

InfraGard 20th Anniversary Challenge Coin

  InfraGard 20th Anniversary Challenge Coins can be purchased in person at any of our NY Metro InfraGard summits. Cost is $15 per coin.

Government, business, and individual participation in the FBI's InfraGard Program continually unifies efforts to protect and enhance our nation's critical infrastructure. Members of these communities are encouraged to share their industry's workflow, lessons learned, and best practices through social and business-related events.

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InfraGard offers valuable learning opportunities throughout the City of New York as well as online. NY Metro InfraGard Alliance has hosted hundreds of on-location events in places such as the NY FBI Field Office, Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Morgan Stanley, Cisco Systems Inc., utility companies, universities, and many others

Protect Our Infrastructure
Individuals protect our country! One person can make a difference. Since our nation is comprised of systems (people, businesses, buildings, highways, farms, communications, etc.), it is important to sustain and continually improve system operations. One way to ensure these systems continue to benefit the people, is to protect them from natural disaster, human error or terror; and set up recovery actions in the event misfortune can not be avoided. The protection of our nation is a collaborative effort in which all citizens hold some level responsibility. Your contribution(s) are absolutely invaluable. Join InfraGard Today!

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